Whether bootsrapping or raising capital, you need to have your numbers right. And that’s just one out of thousands worries. Let’s sit down and go through it


Imagine how much you could accomplish if you didn’t have to play the role of daily trouble-shooter. If only you could clone yourself. Let’s get the business development going


They say innovate or die. We can whether talk theory or help to create more innovative cultures.

Startups: We know founders troubles

We know the hardship of a founder, we are team of professionals who lived it – multiple times. We can help to identify your core business and customers, conquer numbers and find the right people to work with.

Develop your Idea

Let’s find out if you have the right product-market fit and let’s drill to the core of it

Marketing strategy

Struggling how to get into your future customers heads? Let’s find the way


Routing your product into appropriate sales channel makes the difference

Sales triumphs perfection

Action beats perfection every time. It’s all too easy to keep working on your product or sales page long past the time that it was good enough to publish.

Team is everything

Because a mediocre strategy well executed is better than a great strategy poorly done.

Finance and Funding

let’s talk numbers and get your bootstrapping and funding right

Develop your team

finding right people is hard enough, turning your talents into a successful team is even harder

Make right connections

everything you have and will achieve is through other people. Let’s find them!

Companies: Business development and growth

Product-market fit, customor acquistion, visibility. How companies organize, plan and carry out their sales efforts has become more complex. Growth is painful – staying stagnant unbearable.

Corporations: Innovate and stay on course!

The fundamental and first most important condition for success is organizing the corporation for the collaboration with the startup to be a successful one.

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